Dakotah’s Story

Growing up Dakotah was raised in church, so he identified as a Christian. But even though he said he was a Christ follower, Dakotah had never truly gone “all in” with Jesus. That’s because basketball was on the throne of Dakotah’s heart. He loved basketball and everything that came with it; the success, the popularity, the fulfilling of his dreams.

It was all going unbelievably well, and by the time Dakotah was a freshman in high school, he was committed to play at the University of Kentucky. But fast forward to his senior year, he was committed to play at the University of Akron. Akron is still a division one program, but it is a far cry from the standard of college basketball, the University of Kentucky.

This earthly kingdom that Dakotah had built, with the foundation of it being basketball, was crumbling right before his eyes. He would spend countless hours, before school, after school, late nights, working on his game. But it seemed like no matter how hard he worked, he just wasn’t getting out what he was putting in anymore. So he knew that it was time for a change.

Right when he got to the University of Akron for his freshman year of college, he started praying and reading his Bible every day. This pursuit of Jesus led to Dakotah surrendering everything over to Christ. He said, “God, whoever you want me to be, I’ll be. Wherever you want me to go, I’ll go. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do.” He said, “I’m ALL IN!”

Ever since then, Dakotah has been living a life that is “all in” with Jesus. And he has dedicated his life to encourage and challenge this next generation to do the same. To live a life that is all in with Jesus, all in with people, and all in for the mission of the Gospel!


Dakotah has served as the Assistant Area Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Central KY since 2014. He has earned his bachelor’s degree from Asbury University and his master’s degree from Liberty Seminary. Currently, Dakotah lives in Georgetown, KY with his wife, Colby, and two sons, Titus and Channing.

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